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Fort Cobun Gun Emplacement

Coburn 1 Coburn 2

Fort Cobun Gun Emplacement, also known as the Upper Battery. Occupied by First Louisiana Heavy Artillery, commanded by Capt. Henry Grayson under General John S. Bowen. This sites armament consisted of: 1x30 pounder Parrott rifle, 2x32 pounder rifles, and 1x8 inch Navy, a hot-shot furnace and two ammo magazines. The site is located on a limestone shelf 70 feet above the Mississippi River just below Point of Rock the command post of General John S. Bowen. Point of Rock, 170 feet above the normal level of the Mississippi River, was where Gen. Bowen watched General Grant's buildup at Hardtimes for the Battle of Grand Gulf.

Grand Gulf Military Park

12006 Grand Gulf Road

Port Gibson, MS 39150

(601) 437 - 5911