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Tour Grand Gulf Military Park


Begin your tour in the museum. Artifacts beginning with a Mastadon bone found in this county, items from the early times of this country such as a one minute washing machine, sewing machines, clothes from the 1800's. One half of the museum is dedicated to the Civil War. Artifacts found in the area as well as artifacts found by individuals that have been donated to the museum.

Carriage House

Once you have enjoyed the museum, stroll out the back door to the carriage house to see a Civil War Ambulance. Also out back is the old fire engine, a blacksmith shop, and the original Town of Grand Gulf Jail. The 1861 Parrott Rifle was restored and has been enclosed. The submarine was used during the early prohibition period to bootleg whiskey and was powered by a model T Ford engine.


Walk the aisle of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, moved to the Park and restored in 1983, from Rodney, Mississippi.

Dog Trot House / Water Wheel

The dog trot house and water wheel takes you back to the times of old.

Fort Wade

At Fort Wade the mortar will take you back so you can imagine it firing from a barge on the river towards Grand Gulf. This mortar belonged to the Union and was found on Davis Island when this park began.  Excavation of the Ammunition Magazine began in 1977 by an anthropology professor and seven students and continued in the 1980's so that our visitors today can picture the way it was during the Civil War.

Spanish House

On top of the hill is the Spanish House, one of the 2 original buildings left of the old town of Grand Gulf. The Spanish House was built in the late 1790's.

Grand Gulf Cemetery

Once you have enjoyed this area continue your tour to the cemetery . People of the old town of Grand Gulf were buried here as well as some soldiers. On December 28, 2002, two soldiers were exhumed and reinterred on February 22, 2003. Due to erosion these soldiers' graves were in danger of being lost forever. Hard work from many volunteers saved these two soldiers that fought in the U.S. Colored Infantry. You could spend hours in this cemetery. The tombstones have personal notes to make you feel as if you know these people.

Observation Tower

Up the hill from the cemetery you can climb the 75 foot Observation Tower and see the surrounding area including the Mississippi River. There are two gun emplacements and the rifle pits. Picture these soldiers in wool uniforms during the late spring fighting not only the soldiers but the heat, hunger, lack of sleep, and insects. Once past these gun emplacements you will see on your right the Boy Scout Area. Local Boy Scouts built the amphitheater to be used by our tent campers.

RV Campgrounds

You will pass through the two RV campgrounds. The sites all are concreted and have water, sewer and electric. The small pavilion is used by many of our camping groups. Bath houses are close by with laundry facilities for the campers.

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is used for birthday parties, reunions, church groups, camping groups, tour groups, and many schools. It will hold about 100 people and can be rented by calling the office. It has a large grill, sink, and ceiling fans. It sits on top of a hill overlooking a beautiful field and the fountain made by our staff out of large black pots.

Mississippi River

Across the road drive only 1/3 mile to the Mississippi River. You will see the sign that shows you the river stage beginning with 1927.If you are lucky a barge will be traveling upstream and fascinate you as it turns the barges around the curve in the river. It will give you a kind of peace like no other place.

Fort Cobun

One mile west of the Park is Fort Cobun. Only the earthworks are left along with informational signs. At the time of the war, the river was at the bottom of this bluff.

Grand Gulf Military Park

12006 Grand Gulf Road

Port Gibson, MS 39150

(601) 437 - 5911