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The museum was completed in 1967. This is your first stop, for information, to pay admissions and/or camping fees, and to enjoy all of the wonderful artifacts dating back to the time when the Mastodons roamed this part of the earth, through the 1700's, historical items from the old town of Grand Gulf (once called Grand Gulph), clothes from the 1800's, Civil War artifacts and maps, along with items from WWI and WWII.

The Civil War items make up 1/2 of the collection. In the Civil War half of the museum, the artifacts are labeled with as much information as we have on file. There are maps showing visitors how and where the ironclads were positioned during the Battle of Grand Gulf. When visitors ask how long it takes to go through the park, our only answer is 15 minutes to 15 hours, depending on how much time you wish to spend. Many spend hours just in the museum, then they stand at Fort Wade and Fort Cobun just to picture the battle as they read the signs.

Museum Front

Museum Case 1

Museum Case 2

Grand Gulf Military Park

12006 Grand Gulf Road

Port Gibson, MS 39150

(601) 437 - 5911